We are Grizzly Adventure, a company specialized in hiking trails. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced hiker, we have the perfect route for you. Our expert guides will accompany you along the way, providing information about the flora, fauna, and history of each location. Additionally, we ensure that each route is safe and environmentally friendly, always promoting the conservation of our natural spaces.

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The Ancestral Otomí Route and the Kenai Route are different trails that can be explored.

The Ancestral Otomí Route offers the opportunity to discover breathtaking natural landscapes and immerse yourself in the beauty of the local vegetation. On the other hand, the Kenai Route takes you through beautiful paths that allow you to appreciate the diversity of local fauna and flora.

We invite you to explore more hiking trails that will take you to equally fascinating destinations. The adventure never ends!


Discover the magic of nature and culture in two unique destinations!

Embark on our international hiking adventure in Iceland and Peru. In Iceland, you'll be amazed by surreal landscapes, volcanoes, lakes, and majestic waterfalls. While in Peru, you'll walk through deep valleys and behold sacred mountains like Ausangate.

Experience the best of both worlds with us and explore new international hiking routes!

Our goal is for you to enjoy every moment to the fullest without having to worry about anything else

Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and establish a deep connection with the environment

We provide unforgettable and astonishing moments, where every detail is carefully planned

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"They are an incredible team of qualified guides who will take you on amazing adventures in the most stunning natural landscapes. Their staff is well-trained, friendly, and passionate about their work. You have to experience their services."

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"Grizzly's team is fantastic! They are highly organized, prepared, and well-trained. They always take care of the whole group. Highly recommended!"

- Joel Soria

"Excellent service and experience, a very pleasant way to enjoy hiking with highly qualified staff who always have an amazing attitude, making the routes much more enjoyable. I have already done 4 routes with them!"

- Oto Salmón

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