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Kenai Hike

Ruta Kenai

Come and experience walking through one of the routes where the Otomí culture dwelled


Come and experience walking through one of the routes where the Otomí culture dwelled. This journey follows the descent from Nevado de Toluca until reaching the center of Valle de Bravo. While 50 kilometers may seem like a lot, the elevation gain is minimal, and you can choose to walk 24, 38, or complete the full 50 kilometers.

We will take you to discover incredible gallery forest trails along with amazing rivers formed by the water that springs from the mountains!

After your first 24 kilometers, we will provide you with the necessary food to replenish your energy, and we will spend the night in a cabin filled with the magic of the stories we share as a team while enjoying the campfire in the fireplace.

The route will allow you to experience changes in vegetation, observe vast plains, engage in great conversations, and witness some of the tallest oaks in the country.

This is one of the routes that truly represents what Grizzly Adventure is all about, as it reminds us always to turn our attention to the forest, contemplate it, and see it as a system in which everyone can find their place and pace.

It will be two immersive days in the State of Mexico.


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