Mexico State & Puebla



Embark on an exciting adventure and let yourself be captivated by the beauty and mysticism of this iconic volcano. Come and conquer the "Sleeping Woman."


Iztaccíhuatl is a volcanic complex also known as "Sleeping Woman." It is located in the states of Morelos, State of Mexico, and Puebla, within the Sierra Nevada, part of the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt.

The mountain range is characterized by a subduction zone, where the Pacific tectonic plate submerges beneath the North American tectonic plate, leading to the formation of volcanoes, including Iztaccíhuatl.

With its elevation of 5,215 meters above sea level, Iztaccíhuatl is considered the 3rd highest mountain in Mexico, and it is a volcano with seismic activity.

If you are passionate about high mountains and challenging summits, this volcano is perfect for you. Conquering the "Sleeping Woman" will be a rewarding and thrilling experience for any mountaineering enthusiast.


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